Welcome, My name is Octavio Castro and I enjoy telling stories without any need of words, just images...

My goal is simple, to evoke an emotional response from either a critic, spectator, client or future prospect by capturing the story of the event.

Photography is not just about having a great camera or the most popular brands of gear, it has always been about seeing things the better way, present them beautifully in a tangible form

With this in mind, my aspirations as a photographer are to set myself apart by not simply relying on current trends in photography, but rather to capture the emotions of the day or any given moment. As a designer, my purpose is to produce a product with a meaningful message that people could engage with. To develop designs that bring solutions, that stands for something.

My success is determined by the measurable outcome of what I create
and not just by how it looks. 
What I enjoy shooting most:
Weddings, Sports, Live Music Events & Company/Family Special Events